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osselle1following the tracks of the Cave Bears…

For the beauty of its natural setting, the variety of its crystals and colours, its rock formations and historical and prehistoric treasures, the Osselle Grotto has its place among the most surprising grottos in the world.
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timthumbArc-et-Senans Royal Saltworks

The Royal Saltworks of Chaux, classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a major historic monument. It is a unique example of the industrial architecture of the century of Enlightenment.
The Department of the Doubs, who own the complex of buildings, has lavished 60 years of restoration work on it.
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P1030030Mérey-sous-Montrond karst trail

Two 1200- and 1500-metre discovery circuits are laid out to cater for different types of visitors so that they can observe and understand the formation of our region′s various karstic phenomena: karren, chasms, sinkholes, grottos… not to mention discovering the vegitation and wildlife of the limestone medium.
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citadelle01Besançon Citadel : several museums and a zoo

The Citadel is Vauban′s masterpiece perched over 100 metres above Besançon′s historic centre tightly encircled by a magnificent loop, formed by a meander in the river Doubs. The fortress was constructed over the period 1668 to 1711 and covers 11 hectares. It has been painstakingly refurbished and the Citadel is now a one-of-a-kind cultural and tourist high spot that invites you to mingle with both the past and the present.
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8035259Chaux Forest: one of France′s major forests

The Chaux Forest extending over 20,493 hectares is France′s second biggest forest by area and logging has been going on there since the 13th century. The French Crown only devised a real forestry management policy in 1678 – primarily to supply its shipyards – when Franche-Comté joined France.
The diversity of the wildlife taking refuge in Chaux Forest makes it one of the best places to observe deer, wild boar, roe deer, badgers, forest wildcats, foxes, black woodpeckers, booted eagles and other creatures from the dense network of broad footpaths and bridle paths laid out over its extensive area.



Since 1986, the Doubs General Council has been actively involved in the upkeep of footpaths by funding clearance work and furnishing signposts.
The Doubs General Council has opted to implement a can-do policy to promote family outings to discover the department′s landscapes and heritage, through its Departmental Plan of Walks and Excursion Routes (PDIPR).


Nestled among vineyards and forests, Arbois will delight you with its architecture, history, culture and Jura wines. Discover Louis Pasteur’s house, visit its wineries and taste its famous gastronomy.
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Protected by two forts perched on steep hills, under the summit of Mount Poupet, Salins-les-Bains relates the history of salt, the white gold of the past, which became the city’s main source of wealth. Visit the Salinas and the Salt Museum, and enjoy the spa for fitness, relaxation or medical treatment. Thrill seekers can also go paragliding and enjoy a tree to tree adventure course.
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Have fun discovering as a family the history and remarkable places of Franche-Comté’s former capital, which was alternately French and Spanish, by letting yourself be swept away by the story of the Chat Perched tour in the footsteps of Marcel Aymé, who spent his childhood in Dole.
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800_600_gouffre_diapo_3Chasm of Poudrey

The Chasm of Poudrey takes you 70 metres underground, leading into an immense chamber which gives you an immediate and lasting impression of being in a sacred place. During a 45-minute underground walk you will discover a geological wonder whose formation and internal dimensions will astound you. It is currently the biggest chamber in France to be developed for visitors.
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This village regroups most of the sights in Jura: remote (glacial valley in a limestone plateau), the Lison waterfall gushing from a cave, Saracen cave (a true stone cathedral), the Creux Billard abyss, a cliff equipped with a via ferrata, a historic former tool-making workshop, …